Sightseeing flights

Start in May 2020

Sightseeing flights are arranged by a four-seated touring airplane Cessna C-182P (pilot + 3 passengers). The price for the flight comes from costs price/ hour and this does not influence the number of passengers onboard. All in all, it does not matter whether we fly with one or three passengers. The mininum flight time is 20 mins! After 20 minutes of your flight, the remaining time in the air and flown route can be adapted to meet fully your requierements. It means that the route can be planned in accordance with your wishes. For illustration, a chart with possible routes is enclosed. The flight time is just approximate and depends on current wheather conditions. The order must be made at least 1 day before your chosen term and must be submitted in the contact form that you can find below. Remember to specify the length of your wished flight time (in minutes), a date and required time, your phone number and the contact address for sending a voucher to you. In case of bad weather conditions you will be contacted and the flight will be changed or cancelled.  Flying condition: max outer temperature +30°C and max take-off load is 400 kg. For passengers max. 320 kg (pilot: 80-100 kg).

Our plane

Airplane Cessna C-182P is a single engine up-winged monoplane of metal construction with a wingspan of 11 m and max. take off weight 1,400 kg. The plane is propelled by Continental O-470S engine with the performance of 230 hp with its maximum speed 240 km/hour. However, we will not fly so fast :-) and will cruise at speed 180 - 200 km/hour. Our Cessna has been in our possession since 2018. The airplane is regularly maintained and monitored in a controlled environment of CAMO, which is a standard for continuing airworthiness and high safety of aircraft operation. Furthermore, we hold a valid certification for operating these types of flights see "Aerial work" and obviously seat insurance.

Methods of payment

Please send your bank transfer payment on our account: 192 22 00 90 /0600 (GE Money). In the message for the recipient write your name and a date when you filled up and sent the order form. After receiving your payment, we will send you "a voucher" and invoice in return. The validity of a voucher is one year. You can also pay in cash, which is usually done after completing the sightseeing flight. If possible take the exact amount of money corresponding with the preferred time of your flight. You will avoid problems with returning the change afterwords.

Suggested routs

Flight 20´

- Liberec-Jablonec-Jested-Liberec

2.500 Kč

Flight 30´


- Liberec-Jablonec-Cerna Studnice-Tanvald-Jested-Liberec

- Liberec-Cerna Nisa reservoir-Josefodol reservo. Jablonec-Jested - Liberec

3.600 Kč

Flight 45´

- Liberec-Bohemian Paradise- Castle of Trosky -Jested-Liberec

- Liberec-Ralsko-Castle of Bezdez-Jested-Liberec

5.300 Kč

Flight 60´

- Liberec-Castle of Kost- Castle of Trosky- Bohemian Paradise -Malá skála-


- Liberec-Frydlant-Smrk-Spindleruv mlyn-Jested-Liberec

- Liberec-Snezka-Jested-Liberec

7.000 Kč

The Certificate prolongation for 6 monts

500 Kč

Note: all prices include VAT for complete airplane

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