Glider pilot licence


Let´s mention a few words about the training itself. In the beginning, a future pilot goes through a theoretical training which is usually taught during the winter time. The curriculum, requiring appr. 55 hours, takes place in the period of February to April, each Saturday from 9 am. to 2 pm. Another term for the candidates can be also arranged. Taught subjects are Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics, Navigation, Aircraft instruments, Rules and regulations, Aircraft construction, Weather theory, Aircraft Phraseology, final examination. Basic flight training starts in the spring. First of all, preflight preparations are done. These include information about aircraft, airport and rules and regulations that must be kept. And then let´s hop into the glider. The training is organized into particular flight tasks and finished by pilot exam.

In this phase it is very important for young pilots to fly as often as possible to fix acquired skills. The basic training usually runs in the period from 4 - 10 months depending on a number of take - offs and individual abilities. After passing the exam you obtain a pilot licence with the qualification for solo flights. It is also necessary to have a physical exam at the authorized physicians.

Basically, you can fly already and you are able to pilot the plane in various situations.However, you still cannot stay up in the air, use convection-created updrafts and fly further than over the airport. The next step is the advanced and high performance training, where you learn all these abilities. This phase takes usually the same time as the basic training and is accomplished by solo-navigation flight at a distance of 50 kilometres at least. After that, your free sailplane gliding starts, which means that you can take a plane by yourself and fly as far as you can dare. You are a pilot, you keep on flying and each flight moves you a little bit further. Each flight is different and each one brings you to new experience which teaches you something new. You can fly just for fun or you can participate in gliding competitions, aerobatic flying or maybe continue with flying in powered aircraft.

Pilot Courses

Key information: Each candidate, who has passed theoretical course and paid membershipfee,
becomes a club member and has rights to use all club facilities.   For the first two years the member has limited rights. Full rights can be obtained after two years of the membership.         Basic training is carried out in club sailplanes. You can make use of our sailplanes for high performance gliding as well (we have 7 gliders) or you can buy your own private sailplane starting at 200 000 CZK.

As for money and time the first year is the most demanding. Continuity in training is essential. We usually fly 2 days in a week according to weather conditions - 1 day in the weekend and 1 working day (usually the Wednesday) in the afternoon starting at 3pm. Gliding is a team sport i.e. on a day which is active in terms of flying you also help each other.Flying is carried out in a group of 3 - 10 individuals.

Course fee and its distribution

Theoretical course 3 000 CZK (must be paid before the course starts)Before the flying training starts, each member pays a membership fee for overhead costs of the aero club. In the year 2019 the membership fee is 2 400 CZK.

The cost of basic training is individual and depends on abilities of each applicant. With the minimal number of flights are the training costs approximately 40 000CZK, but if we consider the full calculation of all costs, the price is between 40 000 and 50 000 CZK. This amount of money is spent during the 1st and 2nd season and flying fees are subtracted regularly according to flown hours.

Overview of prices calculated in the price of training: annual flat fee for the training 3 000 CZK. Share of insurance participation 1 500 CZK. Tow plane the Skylane 1 920 CZK/ hour. A training glider SF 34 for 300 CZK/ hour and L23 for 540 CZK. Exam to obtain Radiotelephone operator´s certificate 1100 CZK/ person.

After completing your basic training, you pay annual membership fee and share of insurance participation which is a part of advanced and high performance flying. Flown hours are calculated according to the type of a glider i.e. 180 - 250 CZK/ hour. Your further flying depends on your time and money. Annual costs usually do not exceed significantly other free-time activities.

As for annual membership duty everyone is due to work 20 hours for the aero club. You can also ask for the full membership after 2 years (entrance fee 10 000 CZK).

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