It is more complicated than it seems – despite different opinions of others...


To keep our air traffic safe and to meet requirements based on valid legislation issued by Ministry of Transportation, is the area of any airport strictly announced as the area where the movement of unauthorized individuals is forbidden. This concerns mainly the places of air traffic activity which are marked red in the picture. Other areas, marked yellow, serve for safe and emergency reasons in terms of failed take-offs or landings. Any movement or remaining at these areas can be dangerous not only for the crew of taking off or landing airplanes, but also for people themselves. It is necessary to remember that the airport is open from sunrise to sunset not just for home servicing planes but also for other airplanes. The airport is used by crews from across the country and also by foreign crews. Therefore, the widespread belief that closed hangar doors mean an airport without service is false! A landing airplane is approaching the runway at speed appr.140kph or more, not to mention gliders landing at speed appr.100kph which are almost noiseless. Clash of the aircraft with the person can be fatal to the crew and it mostly ends up with death of a person on the airfield. Very common and dangerous situation, despite „No entry“ signs, is using a shortcut leading across the airfield to the neighbourhood of Ruzodol. It has already happened several times when we avoided the collision of a pedestrian with the airplane in the last minute.

You should consider that in some stages of flight, there is a worse visibility from the cockpit and the ability to maneouvre a plane at the take-off and landing phase is very limited.

At the airport, planes and parachutists have absolute priority! Another serious issue are dogs in the area of the airport. Dug holes and various objects brought by dogs may cause damage to airplanes or in extreme cases may lead to the accident. Permanent repairs and cleanings of the runway and its taxiway strips cost a lot of money and plenty of time. According to the legislation the airport area is not and must not be used as a public space for walking dogs! Flying the kite in the airport area has also become a very serious problem of the last years. By law it is expressly forbidden to fly a kite in a radius of 3 km from the airport. The collision of a kite with a landing or taking off airplane or with a parachutist would end up with fatal consequences!! Our aim is not to close the airport to the public, on the contrary, we would like to introduce our premises to you and ask you to respect the rules written in this article and on signposts around the airport.